KC Law firm with 29 years of experience

Serving the greater Kansas City area for more than 29 years

deVries & Associates proudly offers its clientele a broad range of legal services, substantial expertise, and unparalleled commitment. We act as General Counsel to many businesses and individuals in both Missouri and Kansas. Our wide base of experience, as well as our political and legal connections, allows us to serve our clients well and protect their interests. Knowledge of the courts, the judges, the police, the prosecutors, the court clerks, and the bailiffs is essential to the successful resolution of civil and criminal matters. deVries & Associates has all of that combined with excellent business and professional services that will greatly increase your chances for a successful outcome.

It pays to work it out

In his mediation practice, Coulter deVries brings 29 years of trial and transaction experience in Kansas City and the courts of surrounding jurisdictions. The majority of mediation cases are successfully resolved benefitting the parties, the courts, and our justice system. Our motto is “It pays to work it out,” and every successful mediation proves it to be true.

Putting your needs first

If your needs happen to fall outside of our areas of expertise, we have an extensive network of experienced, longtime colleagues who we can suggest to meet your specific needs.



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